Canton de Thurgovie

Titre: City & Lake of Constance, from the château Wolfsberg, with the tree planted on
the day John Huss was burned, Switzerland
Auteur/s: William Henry Bartlett, Francis William Topham
Technique: Gravure sur acier au burin
Dimensions en mm: 163 x 117, marges non comprises
Date: 1838
Mots-clés, source: The Rhine, Italy and Greece in a series of drawings from nature by Colonel
Cockburn, Major Irton, Messrs. Bartlett, Leitch and Wolfensberger. With historical and legenda-
ry description by the Reverend George Newenham Wright, London, Paris, Fisher, Son & Co, Wil-
liam Henry Bartlett, The Rhine illustrated, Kentish Town, Malte, Marseille, Walks about the City
of Jerusalem, Royal Academy (1831-1834), David Roberts, Ely Schiller, Jerusalem in  Old
Engravings and Illustrations, Francis William Topham, Artist's Society, Langham Club, New
Water-Colours Society, Old Water-Colours Society, voyages en Espagne, illustre les villes de
Madrid, Cordoue, Séville, Grenade, Tolède
Référence: 228/G - STG/110/Z

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